Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Low Arrangements Stand Out

Many of our clients at The Hidden Garden are concerned with keeping their dining table arrangements low enough for guests to enjoy the flowers but still ensure that the conversation across the table is not inhibited. It's something that you should always consider when choosing an arrangement...."low enough to see over or tall enough to see under". Often times, our clients don't want a low arrangement because they are afraid it isn't "substantial" looking enough when comparing it to a tall design. So the challenge you face...how do you make your Low Arrangements at a wedding or dinner reception a little more interesting? Try switching things up with "multi piece" designs that are still considered "low" but have more than one arrangement in the center of the table. This will give your guests the visual treat you hoped for. It can be a variety of different shaped containers, various heights, bouquets created in monobotanical groupings or monochromatic bunches. The options are endless really. Get creative...let those low arrangements stand out!
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