Friday, March 26, 2010

Hidden Garden + Purple

We are going to let you in on the worst kept secret here at the Hidden Garden. Are you ready? Ok, here it is...we are partial to the color purple, and by partial, I mean we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color purple, take a look at our website and our blog graphics and there's just some of the proof.

Whether it's a bright hue of amethyst on lisianthus or sweet pea flowers, a rich deep eggplant color on a calla lily, or a pastel shade on a roses, we will use it anyway it comes. We can't forget the ever elusive lilac with it's bright and cheerful hue that teases us for only a few weeks a year... We love this time of year when the scent of lilac fills the shop and your vases. Then we have the classics. Hydrangeas that come in various shades of purple. The makara orchids are always a beautiful sight as well as the tulips in their grape colored splendor...

Oh how we love purple here. We hope you do too, as we don't need much of an excuse to fill the shop with purple flowers!

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1 comment:

flower Philippine said...

Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!