Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flower Market Finds

Spring is in the air at the LA Flower Market...Lilac, Viburnum and Cymbidiums were my favorites for this Wednesday flower market trip.

My all time favorite flower market find was of course the amazing lilac (yes it is finally here!). I just love it's fluffy texture and scent it has to offer in all our arrangements right now. The vibrant tones of purple (such a hot color) and the classic shades of white are both in abundance right now when picking up a bunch of lilac. It's availability is short lived here in Los Angeles so you'll see a lot of these blooms in the everyday arrangements that go out from The Hidden Garden over the next few weeks.

The local green viburnum is another amazing spring time bloom that offers a great contrast against the beautiful lilac blooms. The pair together are a huge hit for any arrangement.
Just remember that both blooms (lilac & viburnum) have a very woody stem so they need to be properly hydrated in order to maintain a longer shelf life than most flowers.

The long stalks of cymbidiums were eye catching this morning. The Pink turned out to be my favorite while i never shy away from the celadon green tones as well. These blooms last for weeks so while they might be on the expensive side they will last up to 2 -3 times longer than most cut flowers.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite flower market finds for Wednesday!

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