Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making of a Chuppah

I've blogged about the "making of a chuppa" in the past....but I couldn't resist sharing how this perfectly-pink, chuppa came together for a ceremony held this past weekend at Shutters on the Beach.

Shutters on the Beach is the epitome of a beachy-chic, Southern Califonia wedding location, but also one of the more time challenging set-ups for wedding ceremonies. So a "professional" is definitely a must!

Our first challenge of the day was actually getting the chuppa structure onto the deck because, of course, the structure itself didn't make it through the elevators, or stairwells. We did our homework and knew this prior to the day of the wedding - so we were prepared with a sure-fire plan.

We began by hoisting the chuppa from the top of the truck and using a rope pulley to get it onto the deck! It worked....and we were off and running. Challenge number 2....we had only 1.5 hours to set up the entire ceremony! Thanks to my superb team - all elements were pre-measured and ready to install as soon as the structure was "up". As you can see, it all came together beautifully....just what the bride wanted!

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1 comment:

JewishBride said...

What an incredibly gorgeous chuppah! I always wondered how they were made. Thanks so much for sharing.