Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fabulous Flower Market Finds

What a surprise today at the flower market....Ranunculus is back!! Greg (my favorite local grower from Endow) just started bringing them in. We should be seeing them all the way through April!!! I am so excited. They are such a sweet little flower, fabulous for wedding bouquets and accent pieces.
Local Hydrangea is still in full swing in amazing color palettes of hot pink, blues, purples and soft antiqued tones of lavender, light blue & blush.
Hellebore.....this is something super special!!! It comes in shades of white/green and lavender/mauve. Todays selection was a DOUBLE white/green bloom. So fluffy and amazing! We are actually using it tomorrow for our photo shoot with InStyle Weddings. It's a great floral to tuck into a bridal bouquet.

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