Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Details for your Tabletop

When setting a table for a wedding, baby shower or even a dinner party it's always important to think of the overall setting for your guests not just the actual centerpiece on the table. Although the centerpiece might be the focal point of your table, the other detailed accents will pull your look together.

Napkin Treatments - The way in which you "treat" the napkin can help complete a look. Elements such as a menu, ribbon treatment, single floral bloom or piece of fruit are nice touches.

Table Numbers - Don't just put a basic table number out there. Enclose the number in specialty frames or even name the tables rather than number them.

Chargers - A base charger is always a beautiful finishing touch to any tabletop. It serves as a pretty display when guests first sit down as well as through their first 2 courses (generally) of the meal. It also sets the napkin apart from the linen.

Votive Candles - When placing votive candles on the table consider something different than the traditional clear votive holder. You might cluster a group of colored votive glass holders or a few Moroccan tea cups (they come in great colors & patterns). If you only have clear glass votive then dress the glass with a beautiful ribbon treatment, leaf wrapping or floral detail.

Think beyond just the centerpieces. Always remember the OVERALL appearance of the table is important....not just the individual details. It's how you put it all together that counts! I have lots of great pictures on The Hidden Garden website to give you some ideas and I am always an email away if you have questions or ideas to share!
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