Monday, April 14, 2008

Designing Tips for Woody Stemmed Flowers

A handful of the best spring flowers have "woody stems". Blooms such as lilac, viburnum, hydrangea and blossom branches. These woody stems make it a little difficult for the water to penetrate the stem of the flower. The outer wood portion on the stem prohibits the water from completely getting into the inner stem of the flower. Without a sufficient amount of water these flowers will wilt quickly. The best way to ensure proper hydration for these "woody stemmed" flowers is proper processing. One of the best ways to break the wood stem of the flowers is to use a hammer to pound open the stem at the base. This will allow the "wood" portion to split and the water is capable of getting to the inner green portion of the stem. At the Hidden Garden, we process all of our lilac, viburnum, hydrangea and blossoms in this manner. It allows the flowers to get a "fresh drink" of water.

In addition to this initial processing remember to add water daily to these flowers. They tend to drink water a little more quickly than others. Without a sufficient amount of water.....they just won't live!

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