Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Shower

This past Sunday the Hidden Garden had the honor of designing floral arrangements for Jessica Alba's gorgeous baby shower. Her friends threw the shower at an adorable new tea house called Ever After Tea House in Studio City. It was the most charming location for a shower. I feel so fortunate to have been asked to design the floral decor for this special day for Jessica and baby.
Most of the flowers were done in white, blush and lilac tones. Each of the guest table centerpieces were designed in custom hand painted boxes to spell out the word BABY. The florals inside the boxes were all shades of purple to lavender tones incorporating the use of Purple Lilac (which is in season just this month and smells delicious!), purple anenomes, Sterling Roses, Purple Lisianthus and geranium.
The Tea House's courtyard had an adorable small wishing well filled with flowers that matched the rest of the decor. The door leading to the back tea house was dressed with a floral wreath made of fragrant gardenias! The Tea Houses (front and back) were filled with arrangements in white lilac, blush roses, white phaleonopsis orchid blooms and hydrangea. The entire affair was a beautiful spring display!! My favorite month for flowers! (Have I mentioned that?)
Showers are trending toward the spectacular lately, largely due to the fact that women are marrying and having children later than previous generations. The Hidden Garden is designing "events" with eye-catching decor now, perhaps because budgets also increase with age. I am all for it, I love to design an entire shower theme, such as Jessica's, that welcomes friends and family as they enter and flows throughout the event to tables to garden and beyond. A baby shower is a celebration of life, so why not celebrate by incorporating natures special
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Wow, that sounds lovely. I want to go to that tea place now. A friend of mine just moved to Toluca Lake, so we'll have to go check it out. Thanks for sharing.