Tuesday, April 8, 2008

White and Modern Weddings

An all white wedding can be such a traditional choice for floral decor. It's so romantic and expected. Why not try to put a twist on the "expected" and go modern with your design. There are many ways to make a traditional all white wedding palette a little different.

1. Group your flowers together by types in vases. For example do an abundant amount of one type of flower in a vase - in all white (or you could do this with any color really). All calas, all tulips, all lily of the valley. To make sure things stay modern you want to keep your groupings clean and simple but full and lush in order to make a statement.

2. Don't be to skimpy on the quantity of flowers when trying to appear modern. You run the risk of looking "cheap". For example, you might like the simplicity of a few white tulips in a vase. Rather than just 5 tulips in the vase, use 25 tulips in the vase! You'll make a better visual statement for your guests.

3. Submerge Single stems of flowers in water. When flowers are submerged in water they are magnified by the water/glass. This actually makes them appear to have larger blooms! Try it with a stem of cymbidiums. It is just beautiful!

4. Use a green toned linen as your base for your floral decor. This color linen (a great celadon/apple color is my favorite) really makes the white flowers pop! This green tone is also a great compliment to the leaves of most white flowers.

5. Candlelight is always a great compliment to any color pallette - use as many as you are allowed (remember to check the fire permit rules for your area).

Here at Hidden Garden we are always trying to create unique and sophisticated designs for our clients to enjoy during their special event! You can see a few sophisticated and colorful ideas in the spring issue of Inside Weddings.

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