Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring Flowers

I am currently up in Napa Valley taking a much needed rest after a busy few weeks (Superbowl, New York, Valentine's Day and a weekend with 3 weddings). I have traveled up to Napa many times in the past but usually during Harvest Season when the vines are full of leaves and grapes. It's absolutely beautiful and smells delicious at that time of year.

I wasn't really expecting as much "beauty" this time around due to the time of year it is. To my surprise I was so incorrect! There are the most beautiful spring flowers popping up everywhere in Napa Valley right now.

The grounds of our hotel are covered with spring bulbs such as tulips, paperwhites, daffodils and hyacinth. The scent is amazing! The colors are breathtaking! There are blossoming trees throughout the Napa Valley in pink and white hues.

All of the vines are bare and cut back right now but between each of the rows are an abundant display of yellow mustard plants. It is almost more beautiful in the winter than during late fall. It's a feast for the eyes!
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Linda said...

Sounds lovely!! Enjoy the relaxing break.