Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dressing up the stage at your Wedding Reception

Recently, Weddings Houston magazine ran a feature titled Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

The article featured several florists, including the Hidden Garden. All of the included florists gave unique tips to readers for their weddings. I gave suggestions on how to dress up a stage at the reception!

"Los Angeles-based Hidden Garden Flowers’ Amy Child Marella, whose floral work has been featured at celebrity weddings and in countless bridal, design and fashion magazines, doesn’t mince words: “In many ballrooms, there is not a preexisting stage, so they put in a popup stage. The front is ugly.” Since the layout of many dining spaces is such that the stage is the first thing guests focus on upon entry, brides want to make sure they present a pretty sight. “We like to do hedging in front of the stage,” Marella says. “Or we might do boxes filled with pavés or iceberg rose bushes.” When budget has allowed, the designer has added oversize pepperberry trees, built from pepperberry limbs nailed to 10-foot-high stock bases.

Of course, with floral stage decor like that, you don’t want to leave the dance floor hanging. Or, rather, you want to hang something sensational over it. Marella says a “beautiful floral chandelier” is one option. She also has fashioned hanging floral lampshades out of fresh hydrangeas, or out of silk flowers, which are great for letting light shine through the petals." (Weddings Houston magazine)

To read the rest of this article, please visit The Weddings Houston website!
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