Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding Colors Set the Mood

Today we had a wedding at the amazing Hotel Bel Air. I find the location to be so breathtaking. It is truly one of the gems in Los Angeles. One of the concepts that I loved most about our wedding decor was the choice of color which helped set the mood for the evening. Our bride wanted to create 2 different feelings for her guests. She loved the traditional, pure white of a wedding but wanted to also have a sexy vibe as well. It's a little bit challenging to have that "pure" white wedding look combined with a "sexy" lounge feel all wrapped into one event.

The day started off with a very traditional ceremony at St. Timothy's church. All white flowers, candelabras lining the aisle, chiffon swagging from cluster to clusters. The same theme continued when the guests arrive to Hotel Bel Air. The ballroom was completely draped by Revelry Decor in all white/ivory Chiffon. The draping created a blank canvas for us to work with. I love starting with a blank canvas. From there you can do anything! Our flowers were also in white. We used white peonies, white roses, white orchids. Everything was very clean and elegant. As the guests dined and danced they were then introduce to the "sexy" part of the evening. The lounge opened up for the guests to enjoy!

The side room was completely draped and carpeted in a sultry sexy red!! So dramatic. The cake was surrounded by red chiffon and sitting atop a bed of red rose petals and red votive candles. The lighting, flowers and fabrics were also designed with deep rich red. This created an unexpected atmosphere for the guests to enjoy.

I think it's fantastic and unexpected to create a different atmosphere throughout the evening for your guests. Sometimes through the planning process you have a couple ideas for your wedding decor. If you find the right vendors to work with they might just be able to help you blend your "wish list" together and help you create the event you were dreaming about!
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