Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

They add a special note to a wedding, they steal the show, they are adorable & sometimes shy, they complete the picture and they have a special job. The ring bearer & flower girl.

We have seen our fair share of delicious kids in weddings over the years, and each one is special in their own way. What flowers to give the kids is a common question. Here is out suggestions:

Flower Girls

Depending on what they are wearing, how old they are, and what the location allows...the most common flower girl duty is adorning the aisle with rose petals before the bride comes down. She can hold a cute basket with color accents to compliment the bridesmaids. She can also wear a beautiful floral halo in her hair, or some opt for a head band of flowers instead or little buds to pin in her hair. We've also graced some little girls with flower wands, flower purses, hanging balls of flowers, mini bouquets, etc. Either way, she will be a showy stopper!

Ring Bearers

First of all, unless they boy is of a mature age (usually not the case), he should NOT be holding the real rings- leave that job to the best man. A boutonniere to match the groomsmen in appropriate for the little boy. We also make custom fabric ring pillows to perfectly match the wedding decor. Or, you can do a fabric or flower covered box to create a beautiful element for the boy to carry down the aisle. As long as he is wearing a smile, you're good!

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