Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Feasting Table Arrangements

Long Tables are a trending decor element for many dinner parties, weddings and social functions. At The Hidden Garden we are often asked how to create the best table scape on long tables. A few things to keep in mind when choosing to design for a long table arrangement:
1. what is the width of the table?
You want to make sure the table is wide enough to incorporate the dinner ware, glassware AND the flowers (or whatever your table centerpiece is) Most long tables come in 32 in widths, 40 inch widths or 48 inch widths. My personal preference is 40 inch wide. This gives the guests ample room for their service ware and the florist ample room for the arrangements without making the table seem too large. Keep it intimate...
2. how full do you want the table scape to be in the center?
This can come down to how many flowers/candles you would like in the center of the table. Should it be a consistent arrangement (as seen in photos below) or do you want a little more "space" between the designs? Are you serving family style so arrangements & food will be incorporated into the center - then your table scape needs to be a little less dense.
3. What is your budget?
Long tables scapes can be much more costly than a traditional single piece for a round table. So be aware that there is more product put into filling the center of your 6 foot or 8 foot table. As you can see in our photos below this is a "lush" design of florals, candles and natural elements so our budget per table is rather high.
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