Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Angels of the Alliance Luncheon

As a premiere floral company, we love to expand our horizons past creating beautiful floral arrangements for our customers and go beyond a florist's everyday work. Today, we accomplished this by attending the Angels Luncheon put on by the Angels of the Alliance sector of the Alliance of the Arts organization in Thousand Oaks, California at The Four Seasons hotel. The Angels are a group of women that work to promote the arts in their community, and the Angels Luncheon is the famed event they put on in support of the organization's founding principle of support for the arts. At the Luncheon, we had the chance to decorate our own table according to a theme we were assigned and compete against other organizations and individuals who also decorated tables according to a variety of themes. The Hidden Garden was lucky enough to design a 'Wedding Garden' themed table, a strength of ours, and we worked hard to create a lavish and ornate table that adhered to the theme with our personal taste and creative details included. We aimed for the first place title with a spherical arrangement of hot pink or vibrant orange roses, green viburnum, green hydrangea, pink peonies and lush green amaranthus. Linens from La Tavola of the same color across the table, with green accents and adorable little cakes sitting at each place setting done by The Four Seasons pastry chef, & vibrant chairs & chargers by Town & Country Event Rentals . We loved seeing all the interesting ideas people came up with for their themes, like 'Angel's' baseball, 'Up' the Disney movie, 'Girl's Night Out', etc.. As a company that constantly calls upon our creative impulses, need for organization, and desire to please our customers with beautiful creations, this was a perfect way to support the Angels' support for the arts and to reach out to members of our community. We had so much fun participating and can't wait until we get to create another beautiful table for the competition next year. Enjoy the pictures!
Here are a few pictures of some of the other tables in the competition...some of these are so crazy they were so fun to look at!

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