Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flower Market This Week

The LA Flower Market was beautiful again this morning. Wednesdays are always the best days to go....everything is so fresh and abundant. It's virtually impossible to not fall in love with all the color! Today some of my favorites and new on the market for the month were Eremerus & Giant Aliums. Both strange names..and interesting looking flowers actually.
The Eremerus come in 4 -5 foot lengths in shades of white, yellow, peach/orange & pink. They last quite a long time.
The Giant Alium balls come in this great purple tone (sometimes in white but we don't see them much). Super fun and funky!

Of course, i can never get enough of the hydrangea. The available colors right now are so yummy!! Sherbert peachy/pink, vibrant fushcia, petal pink, purple, blue, lavender....i can go on and on! Hydrangea is a staple flower in our shop so when the variety of color hits the market i'm just so excited!

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