Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coral Peonies

One of the most commonly requested flower in floral design is a peony. It's just a favorite amongst the brides and our daily clients. In southern California, we don't have the luxury of growing or purchasing peonies year round. It's very seasonal which in turn makes it a hot commodity. The past few weeks have been "peony season" in Los Angeles. From the flower market, flower shops to local grocery stores they are readily available to the consumer. The peony is not inexpensive in the realm of flower purchases but it definitely worth every penny spent (i should say dollar...cause they aren't cheap!).
One of my favorites is the coral charm peonies. They are open, vibrant.....essentially "eye candy!" The flower head opens approximately 6 inches across when in it's peak display. It's color is so beautiful! As the flower "ages" it starts to turn a pale pink color then shades to a butter yellow....and then the petals start to shed. Grab a few stems for your house - it's worth it!

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