Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Floral Design Classes....for any age

We have blogged about floral designing classes in the past but yesterday we had the cutest floral design students ever.....The Middle Cranberry Class from Bel Air Pres Preschool! Now, I must admit that I am a little partial to this crew since my son, Zachary, is in the class. Either way it was so adorable to watch these budding floral designers in action.

The kids had a great time learning how to arrange flowers like a pro! The Hidden Garden brought all the supplies needed for the class. Each "designer" had their own terra cotta pot (prepped & ready to go), cut stems of flowers and some scissors. We placed all of the flowers (roses, mini carnations and button mums) in the center of the table and let them take over! One day they might just be working at the shop!

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1 comment:

Jackie Williams said...

Thanks for sharing! Ava LOVED this. I was really impressed. She was beaming over her arrangement. Thanks for giving them such a fun class.