Friday, March 20, 2009

Everyday Table Displays

Have you ever wondered, "how can I design my dinner table to look simple, casual but like a pro might have arranged it?" It's sort of a contradiction when a client calls in an order and asks us to design an arrangement but at the same time they want it to look like they might have arranged it themselves.

What they are really trying to say is "I want an arrangement that isn't over the top but simple and elegant as if i might have been able to do it myself!"

We recently designed a luncheon table top for a client who was looking for that simple, casual and fresh look.

Here's some tips that can help you achieve just that:
  • Keep flowers mono botanical in each vase
  • Use interesting vessels for your flowers. Stay away from traditional clear glass and choose something with color. Add in different shaped containers that compliment one another
  • Make sure you group a variety of vases on the table. Abundance down the center makes for an eye catching display
  • Incorporating other elements into your display of florals (ie - apples as seen in the photo. The green in the apples pick up the green tones that we used in the flowers)
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