Sunday, February 8, 2009

What should you order for Valentine's Day?

It's time to order your sweetheart Valentine's Day flowers and we are here to help. It might seem a little daunting for you to decide which arrangement is just right? What's the perfect combination of color, what size do you want, how would you like it designed.

Is your loved one the English Garden type, a little more traditional or a bit more modern? The Hidden Garden is here to help.

The English Garden: Opt for a more compact design of flowers. This type of design will most likely tend to last a little longer. The flowers are designed more tightly together so they tend to hold up a little longer. I have friends tell me all the time "i still have my arrangement!" As i cringe....i know it is dried up on their kitchen table but it's still in tacked! You can go any direction with color choices. One of my favorite combinations is red and hot pink. It's punchy and vibrant. Another great choice is all light pink and white. This is very soft and sweet.

The Traditionalist: This is the person that believes the Dozen Rose arrangement is the way to go. This was not always my favorite choice so The Hidden Garden decided to enhance the design with some additional floral elements to help keep the look a little more up to date. Besides just the traditional dozen roses we have included accents of sweetheart roses, hydrangea and blossom branches. These additions help dress up the arrangement and give it a very grand statement. This arrangement doesn't tend to last as long as the English Garden design (above) but it is gorgeous!

The Modern Flair: This year we decided to create a romantic arrangement for those that tend to gravitate towards a modern look. This is another arrangement that will last a little longer than the average. Although the roses might only last 5-7 days (as long as you keep them watered) the rest of the arrangement might last 2 weeks plus!

So give us a call, we are here to help! If you are short on time you can even order online!
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