Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Incorporating your Kids into the Holiday Decorating Process

I personally love decorating my home for the Christmas Holiday. Since The Hidden Garden designs and decorates homes for the holidays I tend to treat my home as i do my clients. I love making each decor element for the holidays look just right. Every color combination eye catching, each branch perfectly placed and every bow fluffed to perfection. When you have kids (i have 2) that doesn't always happen. They want to get in the mix of the decorating process and every time you turn around they are there to undo what you just put together. I wanted to come up with a way that they can also enjoy the decorating process without taking away what I enjoy as well. This year I decided to give them their own "special" Christmas tree. It's in their play area and it's "their" tree. We went to the store and picked out the ornaments they liked (candy canes was the theme) and they got to place them how ever they wanted. Each morning my son wakes up he is ready to see "his" tree.

We both are happy.....mom gets her "designed" tree and the kids get their "special" tree.
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