Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Hues & Fresh Color Combinations for your Holiday Decorating

It's hard to imagine that it isn't even December 1st and we are already discussing Christmas decorating. Even though you might not have all of your holiday decorations out or up you can at least get started on color combinations.

Some traditional color combinations we see year after year are gold, reds, silvers and greens. This year you might add a unique twist to your existing color combinations. Here's just a few recommendations for adding a unique color combination to existing holiday decor:

* Golds - add in touches of chocolate browns or celadon green
* Reds - keep the golds and bring in tones of warm brown and copper
* Silver - cool things down with a frosted turquoise
* Greens - add in tones of celadon with your traditional green tones

Splashes of these new hues can spice up your existing decor without having to start from scratch or spending a fortune.
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