Friday, November 14, 2008

A Pea in the Pod

This past weekend we created centerpieces for "a Pea in the Pod" baby shower. What a cute theme for twins or someone that might not know the gender of their new baby. We created the most adorable centerpieces for the occasion. So simple for even the novice florist to try.

Supplies Needed

* 3 oasis balls (we used 6 in balls)

* chicken wire - covered in green fabric

* 3 bundles of kermit mums

Step 1 - create your Pod shape with the chicken wire and fabric

Step 2 - soak oasis balls in water

Step 3 - cut kermit mum blooms leaving 1 inch stem

Step 4 - insert kermit mums into Oasis Ball

Step 5 - place oasis balls into "pod"

So easy, so adorable and quite affordable!

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