Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Elements in Your Arrangements

Halloween is over and we are jumping into a time of the year filled with textures and many non traditional elements you can use in your floral arrangements. When creating your floral designs start to think about incorporating elements you might see growing in your own backyard! Some items might include picking up fall leaves and tucking them into your arrangements. Clip privett or eucalyptus berries from the trees and use them to drape over the sides of your designs. At your local grocery store you can pick up mini pumpkins or gourds that you insert a floral pick into the bottom and intermix them into your design. Accent all of these long lasting textures and elements into your fresh floral arrangement and you will have created a wonderful harvest display.
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Blomsterverkstad said...

Hi! So happy to found your blog. I'm a flower stylist /photographer from Sweden and just loved to see your creations. I work mostly with materials from my (& neighbours) gardens and the nature nearby. /Minna

Amy Child Marella said...

How great that you have the elements in your neighbors garden. What a great resource!