Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Day Celebrity Style: Pink is the New Red

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lisa Chase, founder and editor of, about the hottest Valentine's Day trends this year, which I was more than happy to share!.

I told Lisa that the biggest trend is PINK, PINK, PINK! Say goodbye to traditional red roses and say hello to bright, vibrant, plentiful arrangements of pink! I know a lot of men out there will be scared to steer away from red roses so it's up to you to educate your man. Send him the link to Celebrity Everthing, leave him a post it note, or just have him call The Hidden Garden - we'll set him straight.

Going green is another topic on everybody's minds these days and believe it or not, you can be earth-friendly with your Valentine - rent or reuse the vase or container, ask for locally grown flowers, or send a plant (like an orchid) - it will last a lot longer and can be replanted!

Be sure to check out Celebrity Everything for all my Valentine's Day flower trends and find out why Jessica Alba will be thrilled this year!

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