Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Visit to the New York Flower Market

This week I had an amazing opportunity to visit the New York Flower Market. I had never been to any other flower market other than Los Angeles (which is one of the largest in the world). It is amazing to me the "low inventory" that is available to the New York Florists! In Los Angeles our market encompasses two full city blocks - massive warehouses with at least 75-100 vendors to buy from. In New York, it was located amongst other existing business (that aren't necessarily floral related) and each Wholesale Florist had about 2,500 square feet to work out of. There were approximately 10 vendors total (that I saw.) I just couldn't believe how "spoiled" we are in Los Angeles! The New York vendors still provided a beautiful selection of flowers but just not in the abundant amounts that we have in Los Angeles. I attached a few photos for you guys to get a glimpse of the New York market.

The other interesting difference were the hours that the market keeps. New York vendors start at 3 am and are open till 2 in the afternoon. Basically, a florist could actually sleep in!! In Los Angeles, the vendors arrive at 10 PM - market OPENS at 2 AM and most vendors are closed up by 8:30 AM (some linger around but not too many).

I would love the New York hours...but i'll keep the L.A. selection!
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LA Flowers said...

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