Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hidden Garden Opened Eight Year's Ago on St. Valentine's Day 2000

Eight Years ago on February 14th The Hidden Garden opened its doors. Had I only realized that Valentine's Day was the busiest day of the year for florists I probably would have rethought that one!

On February 14, 2000 my girlfriend, mom & dad all helped me start The Hidden Garden. All my friends that I knew (and all their friends that they called!) ordered flowers from me. I was so unprepared! In retrospect it was funny but that day seemed like a total disaster. It started off so fun and cute. My girlfriend and I sat on our "stools" at the design table and took our time making these beautiful little arrangements on February 13th. The phone just kept seemed like it wasn't going to stop. It was all my friends, being supportive, ordering their loved ones flowers. How lucky was I! To have these great clients/friends. By the end of Feb 13th I was exhausted. We went home thinking we should get some rest. Actually, we should have made a pot of coffee to keep us going!

The morning of the 14th we were back at it. Ready to get all the orders out the door. Who knew that with LA traffic and only 1 driver it would be impossible to get all the orders delivered! By 2 pm I was in tears. I didn't think we would get it all done. I even pulled my husband from his job to come pick up orders and deliver them to his office for me! He was driver number 2! By 8 PM all the orders were delivered. A little late but at least they all arrived to their destination on February 14th!

As the year pass I learn more and more. The biggest lesson was that of February 14, 2000. It's always fun to look back and reminence how far we've come. But only for a minute because Valentine's day is only seven days away!

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