Sunday, September 5, 2010

DIY Flowers in Minnesota

While I was visiting Minnesota one of my girlfriends was hosting a small gathering and looking for a little help with the floral arrangements for the buffet table. Even though I was visiting I couldn't resist helping her with the flowers. We didn't want to go into a flowershop and purchase pre-made bouquets since i was in town and would gladly help design them for her. We opted for a bouquets of loose flowers from Breyers Grocery Store so we could create our own.

We took a side trip to Joann's Fabrics to purchase some cute black pales for our containers , hot pink & green ribbon trim and glue gun (it holds it all together!).

The amazing foliage growing in Minnesota was perfect to add to our bouquets of fresh blooms we purchased at the grocery store. I absolutely LOVED the lamb's ear that was growing in abundance in my girlfriend's backyard. We'd pay top dollar for this in Los Angeles and it was literally growing like a "weed" in the yard! I couldn't believe my luck!

Once we got home from the stores, trimmed a few pieces of greenery from the yard...we came up with these adorable pales of flowers for the tables and a few mini clusters for the appetizer trays. Not to bad...if i do say so myself!

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1 comment:

Angela M said...

Amy these are amazing! Next time, how about a how-to video for us lame folk?