Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greenery Textures We Love

"Texture" is an adjective that we hear from many clients when describing a look for their flowers. Texture might not only come from a variety of floral blooms but a mix of different types of unique greenery, something that is not as commonplace as ivy or lemon leaf. Interesting elements that have a scent or a feel (texture) can create variety in an arrangement. . Some of my favorite types of greenery textures that we add to our arrangements at The Hidden garden are dusty miller, chocolate geranium, lemon geranium, and begonia leaves.

chocolate geranium - LOVE the scent and it's fuzzy texture

lemon geranium - a fresh zing to any arrangement

Dusty Miller - a great "gray" tone that you don't get in many leaves

Begonia leaves-only available seasonally and a little fragile...
I love the colors that they come in as well

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