Thursday, August 5, 2010

Favorite Flower Find: Mokara Orchids

Many of you might have seen the mokara orchid on trips to tropical places and were drawn to its bright, vibrant colors and interesting star shape. This striking flower is often used in bouquets and arrangements because of its unique exotic look and beautiful colors. The rich colors of the mokara orchid have inspired many to associate this flower with beauty and love. You can find a mokara orchid in varieties of pink, orange, red, purple, and many other colors.

Here at the Hidden Garden, we strive to design arrangements for our clients of the best quality flowers and beautiful unique finds. The mokara flower can add an interesting tropical touch to your flowers, great for summer! They look GREAT submerged in the water of tall glass vases, as well. This weekend we'll be submerging the orange mokara orchids- pics to come next week!

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