Thursday, June 10, 2010

What goes into Making your Arrangements Gorgeous?

It's Friday, the last day of a very busy week here at the Hidden Garden Floral Studio and I thought you might want an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes in order to get the weekend events ready to go! It takes a village to get the flowers looking pretty for your daily orders and parties. It all starts weeks before with a simple flower order. The order is placed with our growers (from all over the world!), flowers get picked up at the market, driven to The Hidden Garden, processed so they "drink" (you can imagine how dehydrated a flower gets from it's travels), containers are prepped, recipes for each arrangement are discussed, and the designers are off to the races....

Beautiful pastel flowers in arrangements waiting to be sent to The Four Seasons Westlake for Lauren & Mike.

A behind the scenes look at our crew working on getting flowers process, arrangements designed and delivered. It takes an army....teamwork!

Our cooler and hallways are always filled with flowers ready to get used...thank goodness we have a large facility to house our flowers.

Our beautiful bridesmaids' bouquets ready to go to our beautiful girls in the morning.

We can't wait to send these flowers off to our clients' events this weekend and make their celebrations beautiful. Next weeks blog....the gorgeous finished "weddings" from Four Seasons Westlake and Ojai Valley Inn!

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