Monday, June 28, 2010


I've enjoyed dedicating blog posts to a specific flower type to teach you more about them and also bring to attention flowers that often go under the radar. My favorite this week is the popular lisianthus, or what some people call Texas bluebell, Prairie Gentian, Tulip Gentian, or just bluebell It often ends up being a "filler" type of flower that is looking gorgeous right about now.

Lisianthus flowers grow in warm regions and are found most predominantly in the southern United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and the northern region of South America. You'll often see them in potted plants and as ornamentals once they're cut but they grow in grasslands and areas where the ground is disturbed. If you spot a bell-shaped flower with ruffled petals of white, pink, purple, or bluish color, its very possible you have spotted a lisianthus. They come in both single and double forms; many people mistake the single forms for tulips or poppies and the double forms for roses or peonies. Below are some pictures of the gorgeous lisianthus.

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