Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Trip to the Lilac Farm

I adore all of the April flowers mother nature has to offer but my all time favorite is the amazing lilac. It is locally available to us in Los Angeles for a few short weeks (4 if we are lucky) and i cherish their beauty with every flower arrangement that goes out the door at The Hidden Garden. Our local lilac is grown at Colombo Lilac Ranch and it's only 45 minutes from LA and only accessible to the wholesale market ONLY (and still only available to a few select wholesalers i might add....we are one of the lucky ones!). Their lilac is the best on the market so i had to drive up there to see the process for myself. What a treat!

The Ranch was nearly destroyed last year by the wildfires but somehow by the hard work from the fire department this "gem" was saved and the lilac field survived (2000 plants were destroyed but thousands survived). As i drove up to this desolate spot you could see the burned fields all around the perimeter of the Ranch. Thank goodness it was spared!

The lilac plants filled acres and acres of rolling hills. Each plant abundant with gorgeous purple and white flowers just ready to be picked. The workers were within the fields picking the scented blooms and trucking them back to the processing room. Tables of lilac wait to be processed and bundled by the workers. My favorite site was the mass bouquets of lilac ready to be picked up by the wholesalers throughout the day. What a treat...so glad i went up to see the process in person!

Here's a little picture perfect duo (my little ones) who helped me on my trip to the lilac farm.

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