Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Springtime Blooms

March is fast approaching! As we move into the spring time months some of my favorite blooms are becoming available and I so excited to be offering them in our arrangements.
Take a look at some our favorite March Blooms we will be incorporating into our designs over the next few weeks:
Cymbidiums which come in all sizes and colors are a Hidden Garden favorite we use all year long. The actual cymbidium plants are starting to flourish at the LA Flower Market. An array of colors become available from pinks, greens, yellow, white and burgundy. The stems of bursting with blooms.
Daffodils are a cheery March favorite. They are so inexpensive yet in abundance can make such an impact. Clustering 100 stems in a vase is bound to make anyone smile!
Cherry Blossoms offer the most simplistic yet beautiful display. All year long clients rave about the magnificent blooms. They are pinks & whites. They are simply gorgeous all by themselves yet when peaking out from a bounty of english garden florals they finish it off just right.
Vibrant Viburnum in their little tuffs of celadon to white. One of my favorite spring time blooms! It's a mini version of hydrangea but has a beautiful texture that you can't find in any other flower.

We look forward to sending these flowers out the door for you to enjoy as much as we do.

Photos courtesy of Okatplantlover, National Geographic, English Country Garden and Ron Niebrugge.
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