Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poinsettias Trends!

Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Garden and Sunset Living

Poinsettias are almost synonymous with the Holiday Season. They are in fact the Christmas flower. At The Hidden Garden we can find them in a variety of colors at the LA Flower Market. From cream, christmas red, marble burgundy and pink. From 4 in pots to topiary tree style...this popular christmas plant graces the home of almost everyone during the holiday season.

Most often we see poinsettias in their own planter growing as cheerfully as can be, but this season we are seeing a trend in how to decorate with poinsettias as a cut bloom.
* A single poinsettia stem makes quite a bold statement by itself. One idea is to use several small clear or silver vases and place a single stem in each one and then group them together to make a cluster of different variety of poinsettias.
*Another option is to clip a single poinsettia and let it float in a shallow water vase lined with a monochromatic colored river stones. This makes a simple, affordable, yet stunning centerpiece for a small table.
* A twist on the classic poinsettia in a pot idea is to have a simple single or double stem gently tied together with a simple ribbon, evocative of the year round orchid plant.
* Silk or Water tubed poinsettia blooms in your Christmas tree or fireplace mantle is both simple and classic.
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