Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorating

The Holiday season rages on at the Hidden Garden. Every day it's a new home or business our team is setting up for. When you get to the front door of this home you are greeted by a fragrant wreath made of scented noble, incense cedar, juniper berries, pine cones and pepper berries.

On the kitchen island we placed a beautiful oversized Poinsettia plant in a rich vibrant tone of red. It wouldn't be the holidays without poinsettias, pine cones and ribbon, with sprigs of berries popping out for dramatic effect. This arrangement was placed in a container that looks like a present.

The tree to the left is a 9-10 foot noble fir tree with over two thousand lights! It took our team of three almost four hours to adorn this tree with beautiful ornaments and ribbon accents (some of the ornaments belong to the client, but often we supplement with our own.)

More often than not, you get to see the end result of a gorgeous grandiose tree in the lobby of a local business or in the comfort of someone's home, but you would never imagine the work involved in making a tree look so good.

The fireplace mantle was draped with a fresh and fragrant garland that was covered with hundreds of white lights. Then it was adorned with large rich gold ribbon. The stark white of the fireplace was a nice contrasting backdrop for this rich arrangement.

We look forward to decorating more homes and business, who knows it might be your decor we feature on our blog next time!!!

Keep an eye out for more holiday decor coming your way.

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