Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Dress your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! It always comes so fast and gone before you know it. You might not have had the time to plan the look of your Thanksgiving table but we are here to help!

Centerpiece Concepts
Whether you have a full dinner table with all the "fixins" or your dinner is served plated....flowers area must have for the ambience of the table. This can be a long and low elaborate floral arrangement or a mix of small floral vessels to be placed between the entree items. You can order a beautiful floral arrangement from The Hidden Garden but if you can't than just pick up a few bunches of tulips or mums from your local florist and place them in small vases down the center of the table. Sprinkle a few fall leav
es on the table....and you have a beautiful fall table!

Candles always create a beautiful ambient glow. Whether you choose to clear votive cups or more elaborate holders (amber, jeweled, gold leafed) you can never have too many candles!
If you have the time and you are crafty....you can even "make" your own votive holders.
* mini pumpkin - take a drill bit and create a hole in the center of the pumpkin wide enough to place your votive candle in it. Viola - a pumpkin Candle Holder
* Artichoke Holder - carve out the center of the artichoke with a knife in order to create a hole wide enough to place the votive candle.
* Fall Leaves - using a clear votive cup, glue 3 fall leaves onto the outside of the votive cup. Take a piece of twine and wrap around the leaves to secure and add an extra decorative element

Place Cards
Utilize a piece of fruit or mini pumpkin as your place card holder. Using a small carving knife create a slit at the top of the fruit and "slip" your place card into the slit. Place each pumpkin at the desired seat.

Napkin Treatments
Lots of Elements can be used for Napkin Treatments. Here's just a few options to get you thinking
* wrap a piece of brown, orange or rust toned ribbon in a knot around each napkin
* place a single fall leaf atop each napkin (real or silk....)
* place a mini pear or mini pumpkin atop each flat napkin fold

Buffet Arrangement
Many hostess' will place all of the Thanksgiving "fixins" in the center of their kitchen island or on the side board buffet table. Alllowing each of the guests to eat buffet style. If this sounds like you....then a buffet arrangement is a must have. Something tall and beautiful should be placed in the center of your delicious food display.

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