Friday, November 27, 2009

Hidden Garden In LA Times "Love In Bloom" Article!

I was so excited to be interviewed for Debra Beyer's "Love in Bloom" article that appeared in the Sunday, November 15th edition of the L.A. Times. The article is about winter bridal bouquets and what influences their design; is it the season, fashion, or the bride's personal style? The answer is all of the above!
A bridal bouquet can be thought of as an accessory. How a girl accessorizes an outfit changes seasonally - in the fall/winter months who can resist a knitted scarf whereas in the summer a cotton scarf is a much more popular choice and the pattern and colors of the scarf a girl chooses in fall, winter, or summer, can all be chalked up to trends and personal style! The same is true of flowers. A-line dresses are hot right now and so are looser bouquets. Signature pieces of jewelry never go out of style and more and more brides are incorporating heritage pieces of jewelry into their bouquets in order to personalize them. Check out my advice and also wonderful advice from other talented L.A. florists interviewed for the piece: Yifat Oren, Gilly, Krislyn Komarov and Eddie Zaratsian.
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