Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FLowers in the Fall

Thanksgiving is in full bloom at the Hidden Garden this week.

We just wanted to let you take a peek at some of the arrangements that have been going out the door!

We have been incorporating lots of texture into our arrangements. As you can see our design team is having fun with oak leaves, privett, ornamental rasberries (we love incorporating fruit into our designs, whenever we can) as well as the soft and velvety feel of dusty miller.

It's not too late to place your Thanksgiving orders. Remember arrangements are not just for your holiday decor, it's also a thoughtful way of thanking all the people in your life for the love and support they have given you, your family or business throughout this past year. What a nice thoughtful way to show them your appreciation.

Season changes offer lots of different opportunities to incorporate different colors and textures into floral design, we love the fall with all it's rich hues and interesting textures, we look forward to what the upcoming winter will bring and can't wait to show you what we have lined up for the Christmas season.
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