Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ballroom Magic at The Four Seasons

Here's another blog tribute (see Making of a Chuppa blog) to Juliya & Ari's wedding at The Four Seasons Los Angeles, from this past Saturday. We thought it be interesting for you to see the ballroom in stages from when we first entered the room to start the decor to the very end before the guests entered. It was quite the beautiful transformation. Most importantly, the bride and groom achived the ultimate look they were going for! In the words of the bride, Juliya:

" I will fully gush when I am more awake but OH MY GOSH. The flowers were RIDICULOUS. That is probably be best way to describe them. These were my dream flowers times 100. I have honestly never seen such gorgeousness in my life.

You didn't tell me you got the dahlias!!!! I seriously went nuts when I saw the centerpieces! I could not stop staring at them. And the chuppah ahhhhhhhh. Everything was such a dream!
Both the moms also flipped out when they saw the flowers!

You and Amy are absolutely amazing and o cannot thank you enough for giving our families this dream wedding."

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Anonymous said...

So stunning and romantic!