Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NY FLower Favorites

This week i can't post about my favorite flower market finds in LA BUT i can tell you about some of my favorite New York flower finds while i've been in the Big Apple! It's always fun seeing things from a different perspective. A few of my favorite finds on this trip:
High High Line Park! Oh my goodness it was gorgeous! Essentially old railroad tracks elevated above the city streets that were turned into a breathtaking wildflower type park. It was really a beautiful site. I blogged about Pee Gee Hydrangea at the la market last week....well guess was growing wild at HighLine Park.

New York Flower Shops. I didn't run into a bunch of them in Midtown while i was there but the few i did see were very "chic" and "modern" Great spaces and beautiful designs. I wish i could have stopped to see one of my favorites Belle Fleur but our schedule was a little tight
Deli Corner Flower shops were all over the place! I love the display of flowers from corner to corner. They have flowers arranged in buckets so you could just swing by on your way home and grab a bundle for your kitchen table...quick and easy! This is definitely a very "european" way of doing things and nothing you would ever see in Los Angeles!
More to come on our tv Segment we did with Better TV. Blog to come on Friday!

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