Friday, May 15, 2009

Here Comes the Guide

There is a very resourceful site for all our Brides to be called Here Comes the Guide. If you are getting married...I'm sure you have heard of it! The Hidden Garden just joined on as a preferred vendor on their site. I have to say their qualification process is very extensive. They do a VERY thorough background check with many references from past clients and other vendors in the industry prior to accepting you into their organization. Check out our new listing and if you have time you should browse the site for other vendors.
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WeddingPhotoShot said...

Is Here comes the guide only A US site?

Looks intertesting but could not work this out.


Denise Auerbach said...

I am very happy to have The Hidden Garden be a part of the Here Comes The Guide family! We received so many amazing reviews about their company.

Amy Child Marella said...

it is only in the sorry you couldn't get on there?