Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Flower Options

Spring is such a vibrant and exciting time of year for flowers. There are so many options available to the floral buyer at the Los Angeles Flower Market that it's kind of hard to decide exactly what to buy! Here's some of The Hidden Garden's favorite varieties offered during the spring season that you might bring into your own home

Ranunculus (left) - a fluffy flower available in hot pink, light pink, white, yellow, orange, peach and some variegated options depending on the grower.

Sweet Peas (right) - a "sweet" smelling flower in lavender, purple, white, pink and sometimes yellow

Callas(below) - the white or green garden Callas are so tall and open....a beautiful pick

Lilac (right)- (my favorite) the local grown lilac has a beautiful scent and comes in the deep purple, white and sometimes variegated tones. It's only here for a few weeks so enjoy it's short season!

Blossom Branches - these are always a favorite. Available in white, pink and yellow
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