Friday, January 16, 2009

Wedding Flower Trends 2009

As a floral expert I get asked all the time about the next season's trends in wedding floral, so here they are.

Brides are embracing lots of beautiful color options, they're not afraid to bring in hot pinks, yellows, chartreuse, and mango. Jewel tones are always a favorite with rich magenta, amethyst, deep red, and vibrant green. Also, many brides are favoring monochromatic colors for their wedding and sticking to one color for the whole décor, which definitely gives it a more modern feel.

Going with tall centerpieces throughout is another trend we are seeing. Not just keeping them one height in tall arrangements but "varying" heights of tall arrangements which really makes guests' eyes dance around the room!

I want to note that many brides still go for the very romantic elegance of ivory, blush pink, and cream tones…to make it their own, we incorporating candle light, crystal pieces, and antique silver and gold. Very elegant!

The words "simple and elegant" are always used by brides. Even though I think they are referring to a more "clean and tailored" look.

For the latest trends in wedding invitations, check out this post at my favorite blog, StyleMePretty.
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Susan said...

We have seen a great deal of Gerber Daisies in our recent weddings. They come in so many bright colors and cover a larger surface area, thus saving money on arrangements. I like the trend of brighter colors.