Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michelle and Julie get Married

Today we had a great wedding at Shutters of the Beach. Michelle & Julie (die hard Red Sox fans by the way!) chose Shutters as the perfect location to showcase their love for orchids and each other. Our brides were not afraid of color so the Hidden Garden designers had lots of choices. From the vibrant tones in the ceremony (blue, purple and green) to the rich pallet of burgundy and celadon in the bouquets, the wedding decor really popped!

One of the really unique touches to the wedding were the brides' centerpiece selection. Each of the tables were adorned with 3 various orchid plants (flown straight from Hawaii) ranging in colors such as magenta, yellow, purple orange. Each plant was arranged in separate glass containers. Michelle & Julie thought it was a great treat for their guests to be able to take something home at the end of the evening. The table linens were a Tiffany blue tone with the orchids and candles intermixed in the center of the table. It was truly a spectacular combination of color.

The Bridal Bouquet was also designed with magnificent orchids (cymbidiums and lady slippers), dahlias, eggplant Callas and hydrangea. Again, the color selection was rich and vibrant. (photo attached)

If you are a Red Sox Fan....they even had a special Red Sox wedding cake made for the special occasion! (courtesy of Cake Divas)
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