Sunday, September 21, 2008

Centerpieces tell your Story

When designing a reception room for an evening affair (wedding, private dinner party, bar/bat mitzvah) it’s always important to look at the room as if it is telling a story to your guests. You should look at your table centerpieces as a collective group in the room. In order to entice your guest’s eyes to wander about the ballroom, you need to create different tablescapes to engage their visual senses.
Many people debate whether they want their centerpieces to be all tall, all low, all the same or slightly little different. I always opt for, a little different. The more you change up the look from table to table the more your guests will enjoy the visual display of the space.
Create a story with your centerpieces so their eyes wander about the room from table to table not sure what they will see next.
If all of your arrangements are the same height (high or low) then the guest’s eye tends to scan the room at only that level. It’s very stagnant. If you switch up the height and the design throughout the tables then you have created something much more enticing for the guests.
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