Saturday, September 13, 2008

Better TV Segment: Fall Table Top Treatments

This past week i took a trip to New York and visited our friends at Better TV. While we were in the studio, we taped a segment about dressing up your fall dinner table with Audra Lowe (our favorite host!). We demonstrated some easy tips which included pumpkin holder place cards, fall leaf votive candles and beautiful napkin treatments.

We also had the opportunity to film some segments in the field at the New York Flower Market (Rallis Wholesale). During this segment we talked about what to expect from a trip to the flower market and how to pick out the best flowers while at the flower market.

Our last 2 segments we taped were "how to segments" (which i love!). Our first taping was how to dress up those old vases under your kitchen sink. Don't you always wonder, "what am i going to do with all those vases?" Well we came up with a few ideas that can take those vases to a designer level. You can accent them with a ribbon treatment or cover them with a beautiful fabric treatment. Our final segment was a step by step instruction on designing an orchid plant arrangement.

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