Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dressing up an Everyday Vase

How many flower arrangements have you received in glass vases and then wondered..."what am i going to do with all these containers?!" Although they might be basic glass vases (square, round, rectangular) you can dress them up to be something very special. I believe that the vessel that holds the flowers is just as important as the flowers themselves. Here are a few tips on how to make the basic glass vase into something a little more elaborate:

1. Take a beautiful piece of fabric and attach it around the vase with glue - making a sleeve over the glass basically.
2. Wrap a ribbon around the vase and tie it in a single knot or create a series of french knots up the back of the vase (kind of like a corset dress.)
3. Fill colored rocks or cut glass inside the vase for an added shimmer of color (these are sold in affordable packs at any craft store.)
4. Add a little "bling" to your vase with a strip of rhinestones (craft store.)

Take a look at our Everyday Flowers section. You'll notice a lot of our vases have added fabric or ribbon treatment to dress up the container.

This is a great project for friends and family and they make great house-warming gifts!
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