Friday, July 11, 2008

Candle Treatments Dress up a Tablescape

Every dinner table can be embellished with flowers but the added accent of a candle element can create an ambiance like no other. If you only have access to basic clear glass votives then it's better than nothing. You can take those clear glass votives and add an accent element to the glass to help tie your "theme" together. For example, maybe you tie a strip of "colorful" ribbon around the base, add a strip of bear grass, wrap the glass with galax or lemon leaves. These all help dress up your basic votive glass.

If you have the ability (financial & time) you can take your candle accents to another level by purchasing colored glass, embellished glass (such as a Moroccan tea glass), colored pillar candles etc.

Sometimes the outdoor elements don't allow for an actual "flame." If that is the case then you might opt for an "electric" candle. Finding a realistic electric candle is not easy. If you are going to purchase them be sure to buy one of great quality so you can simply replace the batteries when needed. They will be worth the investment in the long run - I promise!!
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