Thursday, July 24, 2008

BBQ Floral Arrangements

It's that time of year....the weekend bbq's where your friends and family come over for a casual afternoon. Just because it's "casual" doesn't mean you shouldn't set the stage for a well thought out event! After all, who better to impress than you closest friends and family. You might have the basic elements for your BBQ affair (food, drinks, music) but don't forget the decor!

The flowers used at a backyard BBQ function don't need to be elaborate but rather much more on the casual side. Consider using one of your water pitchers or galvanized metal pales and fill the vessel with an array of sunflowers. This is an inexpensive option that is will be sure to make your guests feel happy when they walk in. Another great flowers choice this time of year is an array of tulips. Again, this is a simple option and readily available to pick up at any flower shop, grocery store or even farmer's market.

Even though you might be having a casual get together, don't forget the little details that pull it all together - like the flowers!
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